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JOBS:Senior Designer

1、Skilled of AutoCAD, 3Dmax, Photoshop, etc.
2、Familiar with relevant specifications and standards of this profession, and be able to
direct, coordinate, and unify the design of the project of this profession and the cooperation of the design of relevant professions.
3、Good independent design ability, high professional level, technical coordination,
communication, and expression ability and cooperation ability.
4、High team cohesiveness and rallying point, and can sustain high work pressure.
5、Junior college degree and above in artistic design (including environment art design and
decoration art design) , relevant majors with experience in design of medium to high class office and large commercial space.
6、Priority to those who have more than 5 years of experience in decoration design and have
medium professional titles.


Job description

1、Participate with client communication and research on client requirement, be responsible with main design concept.

2、Responsible on auditing for drawing that had been done by design team..
3、Organize design group conferences, coordinate and solve problems in design and
construction cooperation.
4、Responsible to provide training for design team on marketing wise.


JOBS:Senior Marketing Manager

1、Junior college degree and above, major in interior design, project management, marketing,and relevant majors;

2、Above 5 years experience in sales/market development and customer service;
3、Optimistic, good interpersonal communication ability and marketing develop ability.

4、Good mastery of English listening and writing.


Job description

1、Collect and analyze the trend of medium to high end office and commercial space decoration industry, establish professional image of the company;
2、Develop new clients and maintain existing clients;
3、Accomplish the preparation, negotiation, and contract signing.

4、Analyze and conduct the settlement of M&E problems on site.