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这座由卢西亚诺·克鲁克设计的度假屋,位于海边的Costa Esmeralda社区,距离阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯市约四小时车程。树林中的房子盘旋在松树丛中,几乎与自然景观融为一体。

Located in a Costa Esmeralda neighborhood by the sea, about four hours outside of Buenos Aires City in Argentina, this holiday home, designed by Luciano Kruk, appears to defy gravity. A House in the Trees hovers amidst a collection of pines, almost blending into the natural landscape.



With a desire to reduce maintenance costs, the architects proposed exposed concrete and glass for the project’s materials, which also led to its minimalist aesthetic.


On the sloped property, the house rises from the earth to rest on a small structural volume which helped reduce impact on the environment. The ground base becomes the entrance and the service and engine rooms running the house.



The swimming pool juts out of the earth in a similar fashion to the house, making it hard to believe it’s filled with water.


Two meters above the ground is the first floor, which houses the public spaces. The bedrooms reside on the top floor with side partitions on either side for privacy from the neighbors.



The interior opens up towards the back of the house where there’s privacy and better views.