德垦装饰—— 苏州「冥想的绘画」展厅空间设计
发布时间:2019-11-11 10:19:25

LOFT中国感谢来自 朴居设计研究室(PUJU)&无研设计研究室(WUY) 的展厅空间项目案例分享:



“The visual phenomenon of the objective world itself is meaningless, but what is meaningful is human emotion.

— Malevich


If we regard the exhibition hall as a blank canvas and think about an exhibition hall in the way of painting,

what will it be like?

绘画的精神丨The spirit of painting



The purpose of painting is not to show the image, so it can be the ultimate simplification.

The geometric composition is free and unrestrained, forming a rotating or centrifugal movement on the picture. The whole point of the composition is the right Angle system without any emotional factors.


∇ 空间概览丨Space overview

∇ 体验区丨Space overview

∇ 接待区丨Reception area

绘画的律动丨The rhythm of painting



Drawing drawing on music means of composition, the pursuit of the picture of music sensibility.

Use pure forms such as point, line and surface to convey spiritual and emotional connotation, and learn from music art, smell its voice, do not recognize its shape.


∇ 构图与韵律丨Composition and rhythm