发布时间:2019-11-07 10:56:51

Design Republic完成了Cision的新办公室设计,Cision是一家全球性的基于云计算的通信软件公司,总部位于纽约。

Design Republic has realized the offices of Cision, a global cloud-based communication software company, located in New York City, New York.



When Cision was looking to relocate its NYC office to 200 Vesey Street in New York City, they reached out personally to Design Republic to create a more mature yet young branded environment.

Cision希望从一个限制员工和封闭员工的工作环境,转向建立一个更开放和协作的环境。有了这个新空间,Design Republic专注于开放工作空间,为员工创造多个突破空间。市政厅区域成为一个重要的区域,为整个办公室提供了一个会议空间,可以连接到位于芝加哥的Cision总部进行公司范围的会议,同时也为客户活动提供了一个内部空间。

Cision wanted to move away from a workplace that was constrictive and siloed their employees, towards building a more open and collaborative environment. With this new space, Design Republic focused on opening up the workspace and creating multiple breakout spaces for employees to meet. The Town Hall area became an important focus, providing a meeting space for the whole office with capabilities to connect to the Cision Headquarters in Chicago for company-wide meetings, as well as a space internal events with the possibility for client events.

整个设计过程中的另一个重点是确保空间适合品牌,而又不会过于压制。Design Republic提出了一种干净的办公室设计,该设计允许鲜艳的色彩在不引起关注的情况下帮助品牌塑造空间。从人们走进新空间的那一刻起,他们就被温暖的光线和定制标志墙上的品牌色彩所迎接,接着是一个用Cision绿色装饰的抬高的会议室,以及环绕会议室的高架休息空间。品牌色彩延续到空间,定制的木工座位区和整个工作区域的照明都是Cision蓝。

Another focus throughout the design process was making sure the space fit the brand without becoming too overpowering. Design Republic came up with a clean office design that allows for bright pops of colors to help brand the space without becoming the focus. From the moment that one walks into the new space, they are greeted with warm light woods and brand coloring in the custom logo wall, a raised conference room decked in Cision green, and elevated break out space that wraps the conference room. Branding continues into the space with a custom millwork seating areas and lighting throughout the workstation areas that displays the Cision blue.