德垦装饰——巴黎皮具品牌Isaac Reina精品店空间设计
发布时间:2019-11-06 09:53:17

皮具品牌Isaac Reina在巴黎市中心开设了一家新商店,由比利时Bernard Dubois设计。Dubois以其典型的风格,在紧凑的30平米内饰中模糊了流派之间的界限,并从不同的历史和文化中汲取灵感。这家精品店的主要特点是其几何线条,这是向日本建筑师筱原一雄(Kazuo Shinohara)80年代美学的致敬。

Leather goods label Isaac Reina has a new boutique in the heart of Paris designed by Belgian architect Bernard Dubois. In his typical style, Dubois blurs the lines between genres within the compact 30sqm interior, drawing inspiration from diverse historical and cultural references. Predominantly, the boutique is distinguished by its geometric lines, a tribute to the ‘80s aesthetic of Japanese architect Kazuo Shinohara.


Custom furniture in quarter-circle and semi-circle shapes, a triangular guardrail, and elongated shelves that emulate convergence lines sculpt out forms and a sense of intrigue within the otherwise plain, rectangular space. Each geometric item is covered in natural, terracotta-dyed leather. The sensuous, living material is both light- and time-sensitive, meaning it will age and develop its own patina and character over time. All other surfaces are glossy and white, providing further visual and textural contrast to the warm leather.