德垦装饰——香港逸东EATON HK酒店翻新空间设计
发布时间:2019-11-05 10:49:59


Once a business hotel in the 90s, Eaton is a reinvented hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong, designed to organically build community and to inspire creative collaboration and activism. AvroKO takes inspiration from the evocative nostalgia of 1950s and 60s Hong Kong, such as decades-old neon signs, shopfronts, and textures.


The team distilled elements from the surrounding neighborhood vernacular of Jordan, Kowloon. Incorporated throughout the hotel is vermillion red metalwork, high-contrast terrazzo with large grain aggregate, neon lighting, and richly-colored tile in subtle and changeable patterns. Red, powder-coated steel details harken back to the local municipal architecture. The custom lighting uses humble materials like linen and steel with detailing inspired by the local bamboo scaffolding so often seen around town. Despite the nods toward tradition, the streamlined, sleek, and modern furnishing keeps the overall ambiance looking firmly toward the future.

巨大的中庭吸引了客人进入,让他们看到了多样的生态系统。15英尺高的枝形吊灯由多层亚麻布和穿孔钢打造,在柱子上投射出梦幻般的图案。一个不规则的食品大厅占据了两层,而休闲的Astor餐厅位于较低的楼层。餐厅里铺满了像茶餐厅一样的瓷砖。室外露台是鸡尾酒吧Terrible Baby的所在地,覆盖着木材和装饰性金属制品。而地下室是米其林星级的粤菜餐厅逸东轩(Yat Tung Heen),提供了该地区最好的风味。联合工作空间毗邻剧院和乐队室可用于表演,练习,和录音。

Upon arrival, the guest is immediately greeted with a sense of connectivity between space and program. The massive atrium draws guests in and allows them to catch a glimpse of the diverse ecosystem at play. The 15-foot tall chandelier crafted from layers of linen and perforated steel casts dreamy patterns on the columns. A sprawling food hall occupies two floors, while the casual Astor restaurant anchors the lower level. The space is lined with exuberant and bold ceramic tiles that are inspired by diners, known locally as Cha Chaan Teng. The booth for Eaton’s own radio station resides next to a cozy bar. The outdoor terrace is home to the cocktail bar, Terrible Baby, clad in wood and decorative metalwork. Co-working spaces are adjacent to a theater and a band room is available for performances, practice, and recording. Last but not least, the basement is home to an added surprise: a Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant, Yat Tung Heen, offering some of the best flavors of the region.